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Measuring Systems (cont.)

Precision Frame and Chassis Gauges

Arn-Wood Master Gauge Group #8000

  • 1 No. 4581 Gauge Group
  • 1 No. 4598 Uni-Strut Gauge
  • 1 No. 4606 Tram and Tracking Gauge
  • 1 No. 8076 Storage-Display Rack
  • Instruction Manual
Features an automatic center line for cars and trucks, channel or box frames, frameless uni-body cars, American or foreign. High quality materials and efficient design with less parts result in a better guague at less cost. There is a Precision Gauge Group to fit your operation and budget. Either three, four, or five Gauge units, with or without flex-mount magnets. Call us to discuss your needs.

Arn-Wood Baby Tram in a Case

  • Measures from 4' to 7' in standard or metric
  • Includes 4 pointers: 2 long and 2 short
  • 10' tape measure included

Steck Measuring System with Upper Body Measuring Capabilities #41300

  • Training available on all measuring systems.

Many Universal 3D Measuring Systems Available!

Note: Other makes and models are available. Contact us for details.
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