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Measuring Systems

Terry's Enterprises offers both economical and state of the art laser measuring systems and precision frame and chassis gauges to fit every need. Save time, money, and obtain perfect autobody and frame alignment everytime. Several models are available from a variety of manufacturers. Contact us for your particular needs.

Laser Measuring Systems

Upper Body Laser Measuring Systems

The Laser Mate 3-D Upper Body Laser Measuring System can be mounted in many locations wherever pinch welds exits, e.g.,. trunk, rocker panels and door jams. Adapters are provided for full frame vehicles.

The laser system is built on the principle that using a central line (CL), two (2) laser beams are aligned to maintain exactly the same distance and to run parallel to the central line of the vehicle. After mounting and calibration, measuring for symmetry can be performed on an unlimited number of points on both sides of the body. It is very easy to measure the symmetry of roof and door pillars using the systemís two swivel laser beams. Even the measuring and diagnosing of the position of wheel suspension and swivel, as well as of individual details in the wheel suspension and swivel can now be easily and quickly checked for discrepancies in symmetry.

With LASER MATE USA's 3-D UPPER BODY SYSTEM the sky is the limit when it comes to diagnosing, repairing and aligning damaged motor vehicle bodies.

Images and text courtesy of Laser Mate USA.

Note: Other makes and models are available. Contact us for details.
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